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Alpha 77 Limited provides Wairoa District Council the right to use AlphaOne System. To satisfy legal obligations we require you to confirm your acceptance of the following by clicking on the ticks below:

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Alpha 77 Limited supports third parties such as building suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, and with the Owner's or Owner's Agent's consent, AlphaOne may disclose application contact details and building related information enabling third parties to contact the Owner or Owner's Agent, with offers or information relating to the building project.

As Owner or Owner's Agent, acting on the authority of the Owner, I

AlphaOne to disclose the Owner's / Owner's Agent contact details and project related information to third parties.

Rather than request you to complete this step each time you visit our site, we will apply your decision to authorise or prevent disclosure of details to all future applications. Should you wish to consider your authorisation options each time you visit the site, then please tick this checkbox .

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